Some expensive cameras and high-end cellular phones have the ability to store the GPS coordinates at which a photo was taken as extra information within the photo. This presence of the GPS coordinates within the photo makes it possible to view the exact location that the photo was taken using Google Earth, via photo management sites, such as Unfortunately less expensive devices do not posses this capability which means that the coordinates needs to be mapped manually, which can be a time consuming and unpleasant experience. Carrying around a handheld GPS and creating waypoints every time a photo is taken is a feasible solution to the GPS geotagging problem. Unfortunately some manual processing is still required as the captured waypoints needs to be matched to the digital photos. A more elegant solution exists that requires little effort on behalf of the user. RevoTag was designed to determine the position at which a photo was taken. This is achieved by making use of recorded GPS tracks. A GPS track is consists of waypoints taken at different points in time. RevoTag matching the time a photo was taken to the closest matching time of a waypoint in the track. RevoTag can therefore calculate the coordinates at which photos and store them within digital photos, just like those expensive cameras and high-end cellular phones!