PDF Page Resizer does resize PDF pages to a new paper type, PDF Page Resizer is a fast and easy to use utility to maintain your PDF files, it allows you to edit or add data into the document information fields of single or multiple PDF files, it also allows you to set open action, page layout, page size, page margin, page orientation, metadata, optimization, and others into your existing PDF files. PDF Page Resizer features 1. PDF Page Resizer can return the lots of information from PDF files; 2. PDF Page Resizer supports set document Information fields; 3. PDF Page Resizer Exports the source XML Metadata from PDF files; 4. Data is returned via standard output and/or printed to a text file; 5. File path and filename can be printed at the beginning of the returned data; 6. PDF Page Resizer supports insert a XML file into PDF files; 7. PDF Page Resizer has the ability to set how the new output file displays when opening; 8. PDF Page Resizer supports command line operation (for manual use or inclusion in scripts); 9. Wildcards Supported - count all PDF files's pages in a directory (*.pdf); 10. PDF Page Resizer supprots count PDF Pages and Returns the Numerical Amount; 11. Total Page Count - multiple file page counts added together; 12. Prints results to Standard Output or to a Text File; 13. PDF Page Resizer has the ability to change the page size and page content in your PDF files; 14. Set page size to A3, A4, Letter, B4, B5, Legal, Custom Size; 15. Scale the page size and page content; 16. Rotate the page and page content (0, 90, 180, 270, 360, any angle); 17. PDF Page Resizer supports page margin changing; 18. PDF Page Resizer supports optimize PDF files; 19. PDF Page Resizer supports JPEG2000,JPEG,CCITT G4 compression to compress Color,Grayscale and Monochrome images in a PDF file; 20. PDF Page Resizer does resize PDF pages, e.g., A4 to Letter, Letter to A4, A3 to A4, etc.