Idea Knot is a software tool designed to collect a library of inspired text ideas, each with a descriptive name of your choice, inside a special XML document. Its particular method of collection offers you two primary advantages over other text tools: 1) Instant access while inspired; 2) Reuse relevant ideas in different combinations. What's new in this version: New version for PC, reads files from Mac version. This full-demo of Idea Knot works for 10-days, with all features enabled. Files save in XML format, so can be used in other apps even after demo expires. Idea Knot Key Features and Benefits: Localized to English, Spanish and Swedish. Simple, intuitive interface to quickly gather ideas while inspired. Saves + Reads .knotpc files, an XML file format for easy workflow integration. Import/Export Mac .plist XML files. Reads .plist files from Mac version. A group can have multiple copies of the same idea and you can include any idea in as many groups as you wish to explore alternatives in the flow of your narrative. Easily Drag and Drop ideas to other apps. Background Expand/Receive Services to copy text to/from other apps using a hot-key. Printing.