Clupper is a powerful tool to easily upload the contents of your clipboard. Screenshots, files and text can be published with one click. The URL to the published content can be re-copied to the clipboard so you can directly paste it to ICQ, an email or anywhere else. Furthermore, you are able to edit, mark and crop screenshots before uploading. Imagine: You´d like to show some content of your screen (e.g. your recent royal flush in online poker :-)) to a friend (e.g. via ICQ). What do you do? Create a screenshot, paste it in an image editing tool to crop, save it as a file, open an FTP client to upload to the web and manually write the image file URL to your friend in ICQ. So much annoying work for so little action, again and again. This is where Clupper comes up! Clupper offers you a 1-click-solution to make the above scenario happen: Make a screenshot (e.g. by pressing ?Alt+Print?) and click the clupper tray icon to publish it. The link to that image is automatically copied to your clipboard, just paste it in ICQ, an email or wherever. Of course you can also edit the image (crop, mark, ?) in Clupper´s editor before uploading it. And it gets even better: Not only can you upload screenhots but nearly everything you can think about having in the system clipboard. Copy one or more files in explorer, clup it, copy text, clup it, and so on.