Want to improve your writing? Use myWriterTools when writing or editing your documents, books, articles, and papers. The basic product includes a number of easy-to-use tools that find mistakes missed by Word's spelling and grammar checking. It installs as a toolbar at the top of your document. You can edit all of the lists so you can personalize the program to fit your experience and requirements. The program comes with a complete writer's reference library to help you get the answers to your grammar and style questions as you are writing. Then, you can use the easy-to-use tools to find and correct any mistakes. It contains a list of commonly misused words with their definitions to ensure you select the proper word every time. The tools include: - FormatFixer. Automatically fix common formatting problems. - lyRemover. Easily find and change unnecessary adverbs ending in -ly. - WordFlipper. Find commonly misused words and replace with the proper word.. - JargonBuster. Find and fix commonly misused words and jargon. - Style guide. Access style guide tips for all grammar and style categories. - U.S. to U. K. conversion. Change U.S. spelling and usage to U.K. spelling and usage, and vice versa. - ClicheCleaver. Find and change overused cliches. - GenderBender. Find and replace sexist language to make your documents gender neutral. - Reference Library. References that include Strunk's The Elements of Style, an English Grammar guide and a complete Style Guide. - Glossary. A searchable glossary of common writing and editing terms. - Reference Websites. One-button access to useful writing websites. - Backup. Easy backup that time stamps backup file with your comments. - Easy-to-use Bookmarks. Add multiple visible bookmarks. - Place Saver. Save your place each time you close a document. - Page Format Menu. Quick access to common page layout views. - Document Info: page size and margins, document read