LiveProject allows you to view, print and share your project's .MPP file on any computer without the need or cost of multiple Microsoft Project licenses. With LiveProject, you can enjoy the view of your own project, print it, share it with others, or easily open client project files that have been sent to you. In addition, with our Premium Viewer you can set unique passwords for users based on authority to safely encrypt and distribute your project plans. Our Premium Viewer also supports auto-filtering, priority support and the ability to export your file to open source .MPX. LiveProject Premium Viewer Core Features: - Ability for you to view Microsoft Project .MPP files. - Microsoft Project not needed to view your project files. - Project Dashboards - Project Portfolio Dashboards - Compare multiple projects at once. - Calendar View. - Task usage view - Customizable colors based on task information. - Easily print your project's tables and Gantt charts. - Encrypt and restrict data access before safely distributing project plans. - Auto-filtering to quickly see parts of your project (similar to Excel). - Tab-based interface allows you to view multiple files simultaneously. - Easily toggle between zoom, timescale and layout options for Gantt charts. - Save project files to .MPX format - Color-coded task views make it simple to see status at-a-glance. - Priority Customer Support - See the full list of features at Using LiveProject can improve communication for you, your clients and your team by keeping everyone more informed, organized and on schedule. Download your project viewer from LiveProject and bring your project to life today. LiveProject is the most affordable project viewer on the market today with more than 450,000 downloads worldwide. Easy to roll out to everyone in your organization. Learn about all of our project management solutions at