With RNS:: HBX you can launch over 16 applications with only 4 hard buttons of your Palm. Now pressing each hard button pops up a window giving you choice to launch one of 4 previously selected applications. Additionally, you can assign 4 programs to the Calculator silk screen icon, and one per Up, Down and Center buttons. Furthermore, each Graffiti character (letter, number, etc.) or keyboard key may be assigned to one program. HBX not only can launch applications - it can also perform various actions with its key combinations: * initiate HotSync * brightness adjust * contrast adjust * call the Find dialog * turn off * lock the device * and more... Even more options that pop up with a single button press are: * Clock * Battery Level indicator * Free Memory indicator * Beam Receive option switch All these features make HBX much faster tool than any application launcher, or a simmilar program! Enhanced Keyguard option for Treo Assign any action (e.g. launch a selected application) to the Home button Special functions for Treo smartphones Special functions for Kyocera devices Special functions for Sony Clié SL and SJ devices