Secure data wiper application facilitates you to wipe data permanently using Data Doctor disk erasing algorithms from all internal or external storage media. Data wiper tool is an advanced wiping solution that provides support for instant removal of data to free up unallocated disk space and increases system performance. Hard disk data shredder software wipes data completely (which is not possible by using shift + delete key) and ensures privacy of your personal computer. Data cleaning tool provides both destructive and non-destructive wiping modes to permanently cleanup your entire hard disk, selected sector range, logical partitions, temporary internet files, cookies, typed URLs, deleted passwords, clipboard contents, network folder, system registry traces, MS office, windows event log, administrator?s temporary files and other critical information. Data sanitation utility is compatible with FAT and NTFS file system and supports all Windows operating system including Windows ME, 98, 2000, 2003 Server, NT, XP and Vista. Features: * Data Doctor secure data wiper software supports wide range of storage devices including hard disk, pen drive, zip drive, memory stick, USB flash devices, iPod, smart card etc. * Data wiper program can erase all critical data and deleted files folders permanently to ensure that erased data is impossible to recover using any recovery tool. * Disk sanitation utility facilitates you to analyze the data before wiping it completely from the hard disk. * Data elimination tool cleanup all unwanted clusters that are presently linked to any file system. * Data shredder software provides inbuilt help manual for user?s assistance. * Disk cleaner utility also provides interactive graphical user interface and requires no technical handling.