Remote surveillance software is an advance keylogging program that easily monitor and records all computer keyboard activity without showing their identity in your computer or laptop system. Utility facilitate user to set time for taking screen shots and immediately send all screenshots to user assigned email id for future examination. Keystroke monitoring tool uses a powerful key logging mechanism by which it can easily hide its identity in add/remove program, Task manager and start menu list. Software is fully compatible with every Unicode keystroke that were typed in any language. PC parental control utility is very helpful for parents and administrators because it provide an accurate report that signifies what actually happen with your computer system in your absence. Tool safely records each captured computer activity in an encrypted log file such as chat conversation, typed username, passwords, website URL and emailing. Professional monitoring and surveillance software can easily records every keyboard keystrokes such as special key (Ctrl, Alt or F1, F2 ?.F12) and its combination. Application uses highly user interactive GUI interface therefore any user (professional or normal user) can operate this software without need of any technical guidance. Features: * Keystroke monitoring tool secretly records all typed passwords, instant message, email, visited URL and running application at your computer system. * Key logging utility safely capture screen shot at fixed interval of time and sends all screenshot images to user specified email address. * Keyboard surveillance program supports all windows operating system including Windows XP, vista, ME, NT, 98, 2003 server and 2000. * PC parental control software records each type of pressed key including combination of function key (F1, F2?F12) and other keys (Ctrl, Alt and Shift).