Start Menu in your Palm Hi-Launcher adapts the Start Menu known from desktop computers to Palm OS handhelds. This lets you switch between your PDA applications immediately and directly! You can select a triggering button that will pop-up the Menu over any running application. You design it! It's totally up to you how the Menu looks - you can design it yourself. Now you may adjust the whole Menu to your needs: - frame, splitter, font, and background colors - frame, splitter, and font styles - item size and order - unlimited submenu hierarchy - pop-up animation - pop-up trigger Supported technologies: Double Density, Stretch Display, Hi-Res, Hi-Res+, Hi-Color, 5-Way Navigator, Jog Dial Navigator, Rocker Switch, VFS support, DA launching, Bluetooth, Phone, WiFi, Network The Menu is completely configurable. The Menu may consist of a virtually unlimited number of submenus. Each submenu can have a screen-size-limited number of items. Each item may function as an application launch command, or can perform a special action. Dial - dial a predefined phone number. Perfect for smartphones! Recent Application - launch most recently used application. Network - toggle network connections on/off without entering the "Prefs" panel. Bluetooth - toggle the Bluetooth radio on/off to save battery. Radio - toggle the Wireless Mode on Treo smartphones. Beam Receive - toggle the "Beam Receive" option. Backlight - toggle the backlight (if available). Find - same as tapping the "Find" silk-screen icon. Start HotSync - same as pressing the "HotSync" button on your cable/cradle. The Menu may be shown at any time. It will pop-up over any running application. The method of popping-up the Menu is also completely configurable. Additional independent trigger to immediately launch most recently used application. Double Density, Stretch Display, Hi-Res, Hi-Res+, and Hi-Color support. Can launch DAs (desk accessories) and applications from expansion cards.