Forwarding database retrieval, fdbget.exe Version 1.2.3; June 2006 Software by Carsten Schmidt If you like this software, please consider donating. Follow the link: Please report bugs and feature requests to: How does it work and what does it do? Simply enter the IP address of your switch and its SNMP read community in the fields and press the Retrieve Table button to get the list. If it fails you will be told. Fdbget.exe is a little tool to retrieve entries from the forwarding database of switches. It gives you a table of MAC to interface number. If you are looking for a specific MAC on a switch then simply enter the MAC or part of it into the search field (without regular expressions). The table results and search results are exported to separate files. Comments - Thanks to François Piette for the internet component suite Version history Version 1.2.0; November 2004 - added save list function - added direct links to product homepage and mailto author Version 1.1.1 June 2004 - added filter for learned addresses - fixed bug in grid2 where results where written into the header - fixed tab order Version 1.1 March 2004 - minor bug fixes - GUI redone - cleaned up results to be shown in a table Version 1.0 2003 First crude release to demonstrate the forwarding database table.