Disk cleanup utility wipes all types of storage media including removable drive, compact flash memory card, external hard disk, multimedia card, smart media, USB drive and other storage devices. Data eraser program wipes entire hard disk drive partitions and cleans all deleted personal data from your hard drive and external storage media. External hard drives cleaner software quickly clean up all types of portable media. Hard drive data sanitization tool permanently wipes data from all FAT NTFS partitions file system and removes all deleted confidential data from computer memory. Hard drives data sanitization system is a secure data wiper that supports temporary files, log files, unload files, old data files and directories. Hard drive cleanup software permanently and irreversibly removes the data stored on a memory device including magnetic disks, flash memory devices, removable media etc. Software provides facility that once data removed by data wiper program, cannot be recovered back using any data recovery application. Laptop hard disk data wiper software safely wipes the whole logical hard disk drive, unused disk space of system. Disk data wiper program is a security tool that provides facilities for wiping secret files, confidential office data from disk partition of your computer. Hard drive data sanitization software is powerful disk wiping tool used to permanently wipe entire or selected data from hard disk drive (primary storage disk) and removable media drives (secondary storage disk). Features: * Supports all major brands of hard disk and removable media drives. * File eraser utility wipes files and folders from entire logical drive. * File clean up tool can wipe erased list of all the programs from recycle bin. * Tool allows viewing the records before wiping out internet files and other data on your computer. * Software compatible with Microsoft windows operating system such as windows 98, 2000, Server 2003, NT, ME, XP and Vista edition.