PROACTIME PRO, altogether GTD, NKM and PIM tool, is a personal task and resource management software and working method which enable brainworkers to improve their productivity and to avoid negative stress and burnout in a multitasking environment. The permanent interruptions and solicitations limit the attention span, decrease personal productivity and increase the risk of deadlines not met. It is therefore vital to adopt a smarter approach to work. The application distinguishes the production phases characterized by a state of maximum attention (state of flow) and the more relaxed phases of preparation. Another distinction is made between recurring tasks, called reactive, which represent the daily workload and proactive actions which are integrated in professional and personal projects. Only proactive actions have to be planned either manually or automatically. The to-do list is only used to enter new tasks which are immediately filed in the time space of PROACTIME. It is empty at the end of each day. Sessions and projects are planned on the basis of the workload and the available productive hours. In the proactive approach the management of resources is essential. PROACTIME PRO helps to master and exploit the daily tsunami of new data and knowledge which invade the work space by mails, RSS feeds, the web and social media. The data are filtered and filed according to the pending projects. Keywords, knowledge trees and search functions enable their direct access. All those data converge in a personal knowledge base oriented toward innovative projects with a promising future. Daily the Dashboard presents the planned tasks and the implied resources. It enables to organize the day?s schedule and to manage the workload in an optimized manner in order to achieve the required productivity without negative stress. In summary, PROACTIME PRO is the productivity tool and working method which helps brainworkers to develop personal autonomy and employability.