Apple?s iTunes lets you transfer to iPhone, iPod or iPad your music. But this sync function only works one way: from computer to device. TuneAid lets you transfer music from iPod, iPhone & iPad to computer, and in doing so also directly copy to iTunes your music, ratings, playlists and more whether its a PC Windows or Mac OS X. See What TuneAid Can Do for You I want to Transfer Music to Computer After a Crash My computer crashed and my whole iTunes library is safe in my iPod, but when I plug it in, iTunes does not let me transfer my music back in my computer! But TuneAid does: and I can now copy my iPod music back to my computer and enjoy it again. I have music on my home computer, not on my office desktop I have a great collection of songs in my computer at home, and I would love to listen to my songs on my second computer at the office, but I can?t because I cannot copy my music there using my iPod. Well, now using TuneAid I can transfer my whole iTunes Library to my office PC! I own 2 computers and both have different playlists I had many Cds ripped on my old computer, and plenty of new music copied on the new one, and I can?t decide with whic I should sync my iPod! Thanks to TuneAid I can keep two iTunes libraries in sync with the same iPod!