Game Overview When a new game is started, (by selecting 'New Game' from the side panel), a dialog box will appear prompting you to select a skill level. The skill level selected indicates how many letters there are in each position of the crossword. The crossword is then jumbled. So when you flip a letter, you cycle through the letters at that position. Easy level contains two letters at each position, medium level has three and hard level has four. When you discover the correct word, the word will highlight in gold. The Timer Completing the crossword before the time limit is up means you will receive a thousand points plus time left times fifty. If you cant complete the crossword before the time limit, you recieve the percentage of the crossword completed times one thousand, and lose a life. The game is over when all three lives are gone. If the game is over, and you have a high score, you will be prompted to add your name to the high scores table. Hints Pressing the right mouse button over a position in the crossword during play will reveal the correct letter but costs a ten second penalty. You will find that there is more than one solution for most of the words, so figuring out the proper arrangement may prove tricky. Have fun!