Back link analyzer software monitor reciprocal link status of the user websites in real time and can be used as a necessary part of any link exchange program. MSN back link checker utility can manage several SEO operations by finding website links, java script links, direct links and all other links which points to your web pages. Utility can also delete that site or list of sites which are no longer back linked existence to site. Monitoring tool informs you via email notification at regular interval of time about your links are placed or not. Link partner monitoring supports all windows 98, NT, ME, 2000, 20003, XP (Home, Professional and Media center) and windows Vista operating systems. Reciprocal link management application helps in businesses where the highest web page rank is the major issue. Tool can keep its checking operation on several numbers of websites at the same time. Relevant links checker can also show you the page rank of all back links associated with your websites. Broken link checker utility estimate and monitors links of advertiser sites on other mentioned websites and notifies you via sending automatic email notifications. Features: *Link exchange manager program can search all associated backlinks to your sites. *Monitoring software keeps inform you about link is placed or not via emails. *Reciprocal link finder service allows its users to feel free from unnecessary HTML coding or manual scanning of websites. *Its benefits will definitely show you the changes in page rank of your sites. *Utility uses easy graphical user interface, for the sake of technical as well as non technical users.