Key Features and Benefits: * Anti-Virus. Prevent unauthorized software from changing your critical applications, without impacting your PC performance. * Anti-Spyware. Powerful anti-spyware technology guards your personal information and identity from spyware, rootkits, and other malicious software. * Anti-Spam. Stop seeing spam that tries to evade filters by delivering images instead of just text. * Anti-Phishing. Safe guards you from unintentionally sharing personal information with cybercriminals. * Website Reputation Detection. Finds and blocks untrustworthy links in email and instant messages. * Intrusion Protection. Stops websites from installing dangerous downloads on your computer * Quick Scan allows you to quickly find and remove most malware when you are running short on time. * Protect your children online. Parental controls help you to protect your children from inappropriate content when they go online. * Secure Web surfing. Find and block malicious or untrustworthy hyperlinks in email, websites, or instant messages. * Personal firewall. Prevents your computer from exchanging data without your approval and defends against attacks from the malicious third parties. * Safeguards Multiple Computers. Install Trend Micro Internet Security on up to three PCs per household. * Windows 7® Certified