Super Smarter RSS Reader automatically zeros in on what you like by learning from what you've read. In around 15 minutes a day read news and blog articles that are interesting to you, automatically publish your readlog and instantly share cool stuff with your friends. Readmine learns what you like and what you don't and organises your reading list so you can zero in on what interests you. And then there is a whole lot more in store: # Automatically produce a Readlog and Readlog RSS Feed # Instantly send cool stuff to your friends (by email or to other Readmine users) # Comment and rate news, Blog articles and web pages. Read comments from others; # Grab snippets of interesting stuff from Blog Posts, News or web pages for later use; # Build a Readlist to show specific lists of news and Blog articles with or without particular key words; # Publish one or multiple Blogs; # Blog, Vlog or Podcast your opinions, thoughts and ideas. Supports multiple Bloggers per blog; # One button switch between Readmine tools and the Readmine tabbed web browser; # Readmine also learns about your interests whenever you browse the web; # All news and blog articles are organized under a calendar so you can read news and blog posts in the context of the time they were published; # Full search capabilities; # Easily subscribe to more feeds. Drag and drop links of news feeds (RSS subscriptions) to your subscriptions list; # Drag and drop web addresses to your subscriptions list to be updated and show in your news list when the page changes; # Browser Favorites and web history features included Download and Explore the power of the Readmine RSS Reader.