Inspector F is a Windows based multi-purpose file/document management application designed to help you take control of the ever increasing pile of files and Outlook mails growing on your hard drives, CDs and other storage media. It runs on Win 95, 98, 2000 and NT 4.0 & XP and is quick and easy to install and intuitive to use. The key feature is the ability to take a snapshot of files on a drive, folder or sub-folder and view it on screen or export it to Excel, Access, Word or XML. The User has full control over what to view and export. The list of file properties it can selectively capture is extensive. Inspector F features enhanced filtering. It has features for inspecting Outlook PST files and extracting attachments and inserting annotations and comments into documents 'Properties' fields using Excel & XML. Registered Users get free e-mail support for three months. The product is being continuously enhanced and comes with excellent help features and how to use tutorials. The benefits are immediate and grow as you find new ways to use the software. Create inventories of files on your archived CDs and floppies, determine total sizes of files in folders, and create descriptive hyperlinked front-ends to a set of files. Have you ever wondered what was in the pile of CDs sitting in the corner? Now you can know. Use the Inspector F Inspect and Export features. Looking for a particular mail or attachment? Use Inspector F’s advanced filtering features. Wondered what the size of a folder was? Use Inspect and Preview. Want to modify properties of some document at a time? Use Inspector F Impose. Want to capture the folder hierarchy of a drive, folder or sub-folder? Use Folder Structure view. Inspector F allows you to read and change the information in the ‘Properties’ box in each document. This allows you to annotate your documents and organize them by subject or keyword or author etc.