SmartRead Mobile TTS SDK can run on Microsoft Mobile 2003/Mobile 5.0/6.0, the ARM/MIPSII/X86 client of Pocket PC 2003/Mobile 5.0/6.0, translate the text to speech and transmit to speaker. SmartRead Mobile TTS SDK also can run on Windows Mobile CE.NET system and Smartphone 2003/Mobile 5.0/6.0. [Develop Log 2008/06/30] 1, include one English Male TTS engine and one Chinese Female TTS engine. 2, support running on ARM/MIPSII/X86 machine client. 3, Add vs 2005 VB.NET example Based on UNICODE technology, realize Pause/Resume function; set the volume and Rate of speech when reading; speak to wave file Afford EVC,C#,C++,VB.NET,JavaScript(IE) example, document. Only few sentence code, can let your mobile software realize the TTS function.