Do you want to know what your child and employees are doing on computer in your absence? Keylogger is the most convenient solution to record and monitor their activities when you are not there. Keyboard activity recording utility is able to work with various windows operating systems including windows 98, NT, ME, 2000, 2003 server, XP (Home and media center edition) and windows vista. Software does not appear in start menu program files, control panel, task manager (displayed using CTRL+ALT+DEL keys) and in add-remove program. Installation of keystrokes monitor does not slow down performance of your computer. This keyboard observation tool can record all pressed keys, typed data, chat conversations with time and date detail, email messages, passwords, usernames, documents list, etc. Keystrokes monitoring software is helpful to restore previously typed documents, email messages and lost or forgotten passwords. Application also stores actual windows screenshots at definite time intervals. Software records information constantly in an invisible mode and does not affect computer?s speed while running. Keyboard activities monitoring software has a capability to save and monitor all keystrokes including the time when they made and in which application they pressed. Features: *Software has an interactive GUI which makes it easy-to-use. *A 24-hour online support is available for this keylogging utility. *Software is cost-effective and capable to establish full control over computer. *User does not require any specific technical skill to use it. *Utility works in secret mode so that no one can imagine that you are viewing his activities.