Search My Network is a professional LAN and desktop search & management program. Quickly find computers, printers, files, folders and shares on your LAN or PC. Store found items in a report, export them to many formats or manage in-place using copy, move, sort, find, delete, etc. The program includes a search scheduler, IP search, time/size/content search filters, LAN tree (for browsing through workgroups, computers, shares and folders). This Windows LAN utility is a must-have program for a computer network administrator. An admin may remove unwanted or temporary files, find duplicate files, track changes, audit, scan and save the network contents in the form of a report and export it to various formats (html, xls, etc.) Search My Network is extremely useful for any computer user who needs to search LANs or intranet servers, PCs, laptops/notebooks, in order to find important information. The information searched could be files (e.g. doc, pdf, zip, mp3, avi), folders, sharings, computers, domains, workgroups, network providers, printers, and other network resources. You can set the search criteria using either a file mask or regular expression syntax (for advanced users). The program works very fast thanks to an efficient multi-threaded network search engine and optimized code written by gurus. Advanced technical support is available. Keyphrases: Network search for PC & LAN software computer find utility network file search engine finding duplicate files share sharing locate directory folder LAN scan shares IP sharings scanning Windows program tool XP inventory administration pro. Please visit our web site to download the free trial or get more information about the program: