Backup and restore icons position on desktop (and wallpaper) separately for every screen resolution. In the event that a computer crashes, if automatic desktop icons placement is selected or if the screen resolution is changed there is the possibility that the icons shortcuts position on the Windows desktop becomes scrambled; IconRestorer has been designed to remember the icon setup to avoid the boring job of manual restoring for the right icons position on desktop after these events. IconRestorer can be used to place the icons back to their original location on the Windows screen when needed, or even to manage two profiles of icon position. The icons position on desktop (layout) can be saved manually when wanted (every screen resolution will be saved separately) and can be restored at any time (when Windows starts included). Some features: - Manage icons position separately for all screen resolutions - Multiple backups for each resolution - Works with Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit) - Backups preview (desktop thumbnail for each saved layout), multi monitor also (NEW). - List View desktop mode - Automatically restore the layout backup when the screen resolution changes - Backups management: rename, delete, export and import - Option to Save and Restore Desktop Wallpaper with Icon Positions - Option to move files with unsaved position to folder on Desktop - "Restore last saved layout on startup" option to automatically restore the last desktop layout when IconRestorer starts. - NEW: "Save layout on shutdown" option to automatically save the currrent layout when Windows shutdown or program exit. - "Last saved on top" option for backup list. Now can be select the ascend or descend backups sort order. - Contexual quick help - Check for program updates feature - Multilanguage (17 languages) with support for non latin languages translations - Free support forum for bugs report or requests