The application allows to edit characters files and to plan the location of texts on various matrices for HD44780 Based LCD displays (1x16, 1x20, 2x8, 2x16, 2x20, 2x40, 4x16, 4x20). You can also simulate the effects of the multiplication CGRAM and the shift of the matrix. The whole standard table of the codes of characters CG ROM was made accessible in the software. LCD EXPRESS uses the Drag and Drop technique for various functions. The additional way of copying objects was introduced through memorization by clicking the left mouse key and copying it at the moment by clicking the right mouse key. It is very good way to copy objects when they are not simultaneously visible and we have to wrap the panel of editing characters. Working with the program LCD EXPRESS is very simple. The status bar is used to display all sorts of useful information about the program. Positions of characters in the file can be changed. To do that, mark the position, you want to move, and then press the icon <- or ->. The quantity of signs in the file was limited to 32. Files with the sets of characters (the *.lcd files) are written down in the binary format in 11 bytes blocks. Bytes 9-11 they are not used in the format 5x8, however it will assure in the future this full compatibility of formats 5x8 and 5x11 (with the space). Program is checking the number of bytes in the file. If it is not the multiplicity of number 11, then the file will be notified as damaged. The sets of signs can directly read from the file (*.lcd) to CGRAM or drawing in several signs on one position. By clicking on the cell of the memory CGRAM we can wrap the order of signs, establishing the various positions from which we want to begin the simulation of the multiplication. NOTE: Program needs Microsoft .NET Framework v 2.0 (included with Win2003 and Vista) Link to download: