Easy File Undelete is an effective and comprehensive software designed to help users recover deleted files from their hardwear. Information lost due to accidental deletion or from hard drive reformatting can be found again on the hardwork even for a multitude of file systems, including FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS. Unlike many of the competing third-party software, Easy File Undelete was designed to provide search results in a hurry. Instead of being forced to sit around and wait for the results to appear, users can get the results they want faster and can return the file in a snap. The results can also be filtered in a multitude of ways, including name, size, date, and more to make returning information less complicated. The algorithms used by the software allow it to track down lost information that other software frequently miss. While other programs fall flat when facing searches on large hard drives, Easy File Undelete is designed to look through them as easily and as quickly as any other drive. Additionally, the program gives users the option of previewing found information before restoring them so users can be sure they have found the appropriate file. This software delivers when others do not and give users the peace of mind of knowing their lost information don't have to disappear for good.