You have many callbacks on your Auctions ? Your competition have more bidder then your Auctions ? You waste your time, because you don't know what to write in your auction descriptions ? You want to save Time (Time = Money) ? You want good and informative item descriptions for your Auctions ? You want to sell an item in a Auction and don't know which details are a must have in the description to have success ? To give information like a professional let the bidders trust to you. Don't make funny item descriptions, (flash, music, many colors etc.) let they feel that you are a reliable company. Don't use flash in your Auctions, because many Phishingfilter will kill it. It is very important to have all relevant information into the item description. The business competition by ebay is very big and every missing information, let your bidder go to another one, don't loose them !!! Most Bidder don't ask you, when they miss information or details. Don't let them go, give this Bidder all information in your item description bevor they must ask or go away. Over 20 guidelines for items are already in the AuktionTexter. It is a very good completion for your Auction tools or Ebay Tool. When you are a Ebay Trading Assistant you can save much time, because you don't have to think about the item description. Get now the 3 day Trial for free and enjoy.