myPendriveX4 is the Swiss Army knife for all drive types (internal and external hard disks, USB pendrives, Mp3 players, other memory supports like Compact Flash, memory sticks, etc.). myPendriveX4 is a unique software provided with an incredible wide range of tools able to: - enable extended and powerful Autorun functions, like automatically show a splash image, start multiple programs and documents at drive connection; - quick access to your favorite portable applications with custom context menus; - create your custom, independent, stand-alone executable application to be used in your own projects to start programs, presentations, documents and display your logo when a customer plugs the drive. myPendriveX4 will automatically create the proper autorun.inf file, compile the necessary executable and store in the right place all needed files and resources of your project; - fully customize your removable drives with your favorite icon, name, label; - transform your pendrive in a full featured MP3 player; - protect your files encrypting the content of the drives; - protect the access to your computer with the exclusive "Lock-with-Drive" function; - protect your privacy with the "Panic Button" function; - manage your portable password archives; - bring with you your favorite Internet bookmarks and syncronize them with your PC; - create Universal Shortcuts that are independent from drive letters; - ...and much, much more. Additional functions and features: - real time drive capacity monitor with graphic informations; - automatic and univoque identification of drives based on their serial number (and not on drive letter); - system Tray balloon notification when a drive is connected/disconnected; - built-in "quick safe drive disconnection"; - built-in installer for the portable version; - wonderful and state-of-the-art interface design; - extended quick help tooltips on every control.