a very easy to install and use screensaver that features hand-drawn images based around the themes of the high-tech and modern movement of money and credit or debt related graphical elements. All of the images were originally commissioned for our site and this screensaver is designed to run on virtually any Windows-based operating system computer. It is also been designed to be very easy on your machine's resources. Over a period of time, we have had various different graphical elements commission for our web site. One of the main themes of all of these images is it we decided to go for hand-drawn art. Theme of our web site is quite high tech and we thought it was a nice contrast to have some old world Art styleimages as the graphical elements on the site. There was quite a level of interest about these images from the visitors to our site and as a result of this we decided that it might be a nice idea to release different selection of those images as screensaver. This particular screensaver has been designed with the widest possible compatibility in mind and should run on virtually any Windows-based operating system. We have also kept the individual image size down so that the screensaver will run without being a significant drain on your computer's resources.although smooth running and ease-of-use for important to us having quality in the images is also important so although they have been kept small enough to run smoothly they are also a significant quality that you're able to see the art in a nice form a good resolution. We intend to release other sets of our images in screensaver format in the near future so if you require any more information about this particular screensaver or you're interested in our future releases please feel free to visit our web site. Also, if you require any information but the actual subject matter of our site as another good reason to visit. Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy our screensaver.