a very elegant screensaver that features hand-drawn images of high-tech elements and money related imagery that has been featured on our site at some states. The reason we decided to release these images in the form of a screensaver is because of that high level of interest and the large number of e-mails that we received asking about the images. at first we wondered what we might do about this and then the idea struck us that it might be a very nice idea to release them as a screensaver. The screensaver is completely free to use and no additional registration is required. Screensavers and not as vital to the health and well-being of your screen as they once were but they are still an important element so it is a good idea to have one running. With that in mind, we thought that this selection of images might make a very aesthetically pleasing screensaver that is also extremely easy to use. it's also important to us that the widest possible number of people would be able to use our screensaver and as a result of this we have made every effort to keep the image and file size small sauce to make it an easy download even for people who are using a dial-up connection. Despite the particular attention that was paid to keeping the file size down, the images are still of high quality as it was important to us that the resolution was maintained as well. We will also be releasing other ranges of images that we have previously used as graphic elements as screensavers in the near future. we have quite a few other graphic images in the pipeline and we do hope to release other sex as a screensaver in the near future as well. To keep an eye out for future releases or for any other information you require about the screensavers or the subject of our web site please feel free to check back to our site regularly.