Automatic lock and unlock your computer screen via a mobile phone. BT Watcher automatically lock your computer every time you leave the vicinity of the computer and unlock computer when you will back. Can also automatically suspend and wake up monitor to save energy and battery life, or hibernate computer. BT Watcher show only small icon in system tray so is almost invisible in work. You can define time after which BT Watcher will show warning message, and separately time after BT Watcher will lock your screen. You can define custom command to execute to, such command could be executed separately from locking screen. Program is dedicated for business persons, or professionals whose travel a lot with notebook. BT Watcher not only protect your data, it also save your notebooks battery life and save energy, by suspending monitor, where you ale leave it. Features : 1. Easy configuration by Wizard. 2. Automatically lock and unlock computer. 3. Save energy and battery life 4. Customizable locking screen 5. Can be protected by password. 6. Discreet: work in system tray. 7. Can make secure connections, or work without connection 8. Start user defined command. 9. Can logout user or shutdown computer.