Zoiper Free is a IAX and SIP softphone compatible with the Asterisk platform as any other SIP or IAX capable system. Zoiper Free Edition features include: * SIP + IAX/IAX 2 protocols * STUN support * STUN server per account * T.38 fax support * Echo cancellation * DTMF tones sending * DSCP support * Support for multiple audio devices * Automatic user registration * Call transfer * Hold function * Codecs: GSM, ulaw, alaw, speex, ilbc * Adaptive Jitter Buffer * Call history * Address book * Quick dial panel * Optional Automatic pop-up window for incoming call * Always on top * Call logs * Voice mail message information * Account password encryption * Upgrade notification * Adjustment of audio device * Codecs priority * Portable storage compatibility * Multilanguage support Re-branded Zoiper: * Basic: colours, name and logo of your choice; * Re-branding with additional development: e.g. changing the language; adding, disabling, removing of menus/options/buttons; adding functionalities; * Complete: you can go for complete change of the interface and functionality. Info about Zoiper OEM can be obtained at zoiper@attractel.com Zoiper Biz, the advanced version of Zoiper Free, gives more features: * Native conferencing * API * TLS/TCP support with SIP * TLS with SRTP support * g.729 (optional) * Mail program plug-in: Outlook integration * Callto URL protocol * Automatic provisioning (XML) * Call forward * Auto answer * Incoming URL handling * Automatic opening of incoming URL * Access voice mail message with one button * Attended transfer (native) * Call recording (Single file recordings) * Command line dialing * Custom ring tones * Open URL on different call events * Call history * Call transfer * Unlimited number of accounts * Changeable number of lines (up to 6) * More! Both Zoiper editions may be customized to unique customer requirements.