Professor PC Typing-Tutor Complete and fully interactive typing tutor, enabling you to learn and develop a fast and correct typing skill using your own computer in a practical and fun way (typing games included)! Obtain impressive results! Professor PC Typing-Tutor was developed based on the need of those who want to improve their typing speed. It has an extremely easy setup and usage. -Beginners: An excellent an fast learning opportunity without hassle ! -Intermediate: A great way to improve your skills! -Advanced: A good way to genially check and re-evaluate your typing skills. The Professor PC Typing-Tutor is divided into 6 chapters and 32 different exercises! With hint windows for the various keyboard functions ! You won't need to type by looking at the keyboard anymore. With PC Professor Typing-Tutor, in no time you'll be able to do the so called "Touch Typing", having the ability to type full texts without ever looking at the keyboard ! The Professor PC Typing-Tutor is very efficient, possessing resources such as: - Student performance statistics; - Control over the lesson durations (short/ medium/ long); - Individual student history reports; - Control music and sound effects in games and exercises; - Reports with speed, precision and problematic keys; - Characters per minute (CPM) evaluation. Learn to type correctly in order to avoid "RSI" (Repetitive Strain Injury)