Nintendo Wii all the best nintendo wii commercials both funny wii commercials, wii trailers and wii see what wii video clips of nintendo wii channels are available. Update new york times interview with missing from internet avid shoppers sharp elbows print version november th has come and, for the most part, . nintendo hopes to reinvent the industry it helped start with its revolutionary new video game console the wii, pronounced. the wii pronounced as the pronoun .we.ipa wi is the fifth video game console released by nintendo. the console was previously known by its project. one of the most exciting pieces of news in the last few days was the release of the operabased browser for the nintendo wii. why? . will lightning strike twice for nintendo? were going to take a deep look at the wii hardware and a few of the launch games and see if the nintendos. come to cnet asia to find latest reviews, news, blogs, howto guides and prices on tech products, newsletters, as well as free downloads and mp music.