WinLauncher allows you to create shortcuts to the files, folders and web pages you use frequently. You can then access them very easily - with 2 clicks - straight from the WinLauncher traybar icon. With WinLauncher you can also schedule shutdown computer. You save time - When using WinLauncher, you wont waste so much time opening menu and searching for the program you want. Clean up your desktop - The simplest and the fastest way to quickly launch a program or open a document is to place a shortcut to it on the Desktop or in the Quick Launch bar. But in time, you will find out that your Desktop is filled up with lots of shortcuts which you hardly ever used and is like a scrap-heap. What are the main WinLauncher features? Open a program, file, folder or anything else with only 2 clicks of a mouse button. WinLauncher menu does not use any screen space at all until you need it. Open WinLauncher menu by just a click. Add new items to your menu easily using drag-and-drop. Organize your menu the way you want and even add separators between menu items. You can perform the following actions using WinLauncher menu: Launch programs Open files Open folders Open special folders (Control Panel, Desktop, My Computer, Network Neighborhood, My Documents, Printers, Recycle Bin) Open websites (URL) Perform special actions (open various Control Panel applets, open Search window, empty Recycle Bin and even more)