Draw Poker Odds Calculator is a hand analyzer and can be used while playing draw poker on line, by simulating your own play independent of the playing software. It can be also used off line, as learning tool: the player can simulate and retain as many as gaming situations as possible along with the associated odds for use them in making decisions during a real game. It is suitable for the most used variations of draw poker ? those using a 52-card deck with no wild cards, with up to five cards allowed to discard. The software uses compact probability formulas thorough and not partial simulations. These formulas have been worked out in a mathematical environment and are based on a rigorous probability model. They have been built to use in as large a range of variables as possible in order to cover all possible predictions for the occurrence of any card formation in opponents? hands. The base of the probability field in which the formulas have been worked out is the information given by the seen cards ? the initial hand plus the replacements. This information was quantified through parameters that rigorously describe any card distribution. You can find all theoretical results, details about these formulas and their application, tables of values and the entire supporting math in the book titled Draw Poker Odds: The Mathematics of Classical Poker.