Two "views" are possible: ComboBox view and Button (also called "Palette") view, as shown here. This mirrors the two smile configuration options that are available in FlashChat. Like all Flash components from, the SmileText component includes 100% of the Flash source code, including ALL .as and .fla files that were used to develop the component, as well as the .mxp and .swc files needed to install and quickly use the component. NEW! Right-to-Left (RTL) text option is available for Hebrew and Arabic speakers, whose text is written in this manner. SmileText may be the only such component that supports this! Advanced, ActionScript-oriented API is available to allow developers fine-tuned configuration over the SmileText object. As shown in the demo and API, options exist to clear the smilie field, remove smilies, set text direction, and set several interface colors. These are all API-oriented (must be done via ActionScript calls), not within the component properties panel. Component is installable using the Macromedia Extension Manager by double-clicking on the appropriate .mxp files.