Technozes is a modern 3d arcade in which you operate the small inertial device (aka "wheel"). Your primary mission is to collect all crystals at a level and come back into the northern pipe. But not all is so easy! Enemies and obstacles will try to stop you at any cost. Also on arena from time to time appear bonuses which give some additional abilities: shield, guns, bombs, acceleration, etc. In game you will find about 40 various objects: barrages, bumpers, flame-throwers, gravitational spheres, unstable areas, accelerators, mechanical monsters, steel hunters, robots-snipers, magnetic saws, ghosts, laser turrets, cremation machines, laser fields, turning wheels, miners and, certainly, BOSSES in the end of each arena! You know, YOU NEED THIS GAME! Game features: - 64 levels with 4 Big Bosses.? - 4 different arenas. - Over 40 various types of enemies and obstacles. - 3 difficulty levels. - 10 unique bonuses. - Modern 3d engine. - Stunning visual effects. ? - 6 exclusive soundtracks. ... and hours of adrenalin!