Deviator is a puzzle game that will keep you glued to your handheld! Light on all the lamps hitting them with the laser beam. Instructions You have to hit all lights bulbs with laser beam avoiding mines on the playfield! You must use available lens to reflect the laser, and trying to hit all the lights! Place lens, rotate them, use your imagination to create a valid laser path, but be aware of the mines! Features - A complete step by step tutorial Help you master the game - Lot of levels!! More than 100 addictive laser puzzles, increasing difficulty! - Endless madness!! Finish all levels and unlock the legendary Deviator secret len and a lot of new crazy levels! - 3 different gameplay: normal, use all lens, same type lens rotate together. Normal - finish level as best as you can using few possible lens Use all lens - finish level using ALL available lens Rotate Together - finish level using ALL available lens, but same type lens, rotate all together! - Espandable with free available level packs (locked in demo version) - Download User Made Levels: download free levels made by other PocketLaser users from FeejoSoft HomePage - Career Mode: play tons of FeejoSoft levels saving your progresses! - Custom Animated Gamefield: choose from 5 animated effects available while playing game! - A complete level editor: Design your own levels with the level editor available free for download. Challenge your friends on your own designed levels. - Challenging: Would you share your designed levels with the players community? Send them to they will be inlcluded in the first available level expansion pack. Be smart there are skilled level solver out there!! DEMO VERSION limited functionality. Game progresses won't be saved after 20th level, no custom levels and no expansion packs available Warning! The game can be very addictive. Play it at your own risk ;-)