BetMarket Scanner is a software tool for the Betfair market statistics collection. You can log all market information into one Excel spreadsheet and use it for future analysis. BetMarket Scanner allows you to log prices, runner information, and many other market indicators including WoM, Last Trade, Matched Volume, and more. You can use it as an alternative to the Betfair interface to watch the markets. BetMarket Scanner is an easy to use application that looks nice. Key Features: - Nice looking interface with ability to hide/show indicators, change colors, move columns, etc. - Ability to record all market information into one Excel spreadsheet - Betfair odds and available amounts - Weight of Money indicator (difference and ratio) - Back and Lay Book Percentage - Market state and total matched amount - Trading Exponential Moving Average for Back and Lay - Trading Ratio shows ratio between back and lay trades which were made over the market - Matched Volume and Matched Percentage for each runner - Last price matched - Reduction Factor - Price spread - Runner information (name, number and selection id) - Uses Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0. Here are all elements which you can record using the BetMarket Scanner: date and time, event ID, event name, selection ID, selection name, current state of the market (active, In-Play), matched amount for whole market, Back book percentage, Lay book percentage, Betfair prices and available amounts, Spread (difference in ticks between Back and Lay prices), matched amount for the runner, matched amount percentage for the runner, new traded volume, trading ratio, WoM ratio and difference, Back and Lay trading EMA (Exponential Moving Average), last price traded, reduction factor. You can try our FREE evaluation version for 15 days.