EasyDesk Helpdesk is a popular simple call logging utility for small helpdesks and support centres. It is designed primarily to be quick and easy to use. A fully working trial version can be downloaded from the Download page. Registration costs just $49.0 Multiple suppoprt staff may share access to a common database hosted on a network resource or simply use the database on a local drive. EasyDesk is an extremely reasonably priced self- contained helpdesk call- logging system with filtering, ownership, call logging, searching etc. A feature of EasyDesk is its simplicity, everything is on one clear screen. It has the ability to instantly see open calls, calls by analyst or by customer, record inventory against customers, free text searches against queries to see previous solutions... - Easy to use Call/Work/query logging system for small customer support desks and service or any other companies - Log calls quickly and simply for new customers or build up an existing customer base. - Configurable Call categories and statuses, call notes, assignments, custom fields. - Filtering, call sheets and numerous reports + Report Wizard; instantly see your own calls. - Store Inventory/Stock/Details against customers. - Save attachments against calls, email customers etc... - Call archiving and database backup - Over 30 new features and improvements since last release Why not download and try it – only 6mb – only $49.99!