Shareware MS Access Source Code for Budgeting Software for Multi Company, Multi User, Multi Budget Phase, (user defined phases/finances) . Tracks currency expenditures, revenues, budgets by single amounts or 12 month or 13 periods spreads, as well as funded personnel positions. . Tracks budget modifications (4 level groups) . Tracks Account and Sub-Accounts . Multi User, User Access restrictions at Cost Center Levels . Multi Budget Phase (ex: budget initial, in-year budget, forecast budget, initial revenue, Actual Expenditures, Revenues, etc.) . Infinite Organizational Cost Center Levels capability (i.e. Company, Division, Section, Branch, Responsibility Center ... etc) . User Task Management for Manager to Cost Center User budget task assignments, multi level approval budgeting controls (via submission number controls) . Production vs Playground Budgeting transaction controls . Archiving of Production Numbers/Versions . Production Transaction Changes Tracking . What-If and Scenario automatic generation of budget transactions by User Selection Criteria on Account, Sub-Account, Modification Items, Modification Groupings, Project, Function and Cost Center Parents into playground budget submissions . Various Reports by Project, Function, Modification Groups, User Submissions, etc . Document Catalogue handling for budget information background (in form viewing of scanned documents or Word documents) . Non-proprietary database (generic SQL) allows user flexibility for adding extra reports and forms . Easy exports/imports to/from Excel and other spreadsheet formats ... and much more