ResumeGrabber is a one-stop solution for all resume data entry related problems. It captures candidate information (contact information and details such as educational qualiications, skill set, experience, etc) from the selected resume and transfers it into your Applicant Tracking System [ATS]. A "single click" transfers all the candidate details into your ATS. The resume is attached to the contact created in the ATS. ResumeGrabber is very easy to use: - Highlight candidate's contact information and - Click on the "GO" button. The entire contact information and the resume will be captured and transferred in a second. Recruiting procedures may differ between companies, but everyone shares the same headache - screening and managing a large amount of resumes. Resumes come in a multitude of forms - applicant emails, web forms from the company website, online job boards and third party recruiters. It has become impossible to enter contact information from these resumes into Applicant Tracking Systems and find the best candidate without spending hours looking through resumes. Many recruiters wish they could recruit a genie to assist them with the manual and tedious tasks associated with processing resumes. Thousands of recruiters use ResumeGrabber for recruiting. With a one-time software cost of $250, recruiters can recover entire investment even before the first search is completed. ResumeGrabber Standard. Features: - Works with any resume format - Point and Click transfer into Applicant Tracking System. - Schedules Follow-up Activities on candidates - Checks for duplicates in the destination database before transfer You can download the trial version of the product and evaluateit before buying. The trial version contains all the product features.