Router Console is a SNMP based tool for monitoring and controlling unlimited number of Cisco Routers, Cisco Switches and any SNMP Compatible routers and switches simultaneously. It displays routing table, ARP table, interface table, system information, interface details and many other important parameters. Router Console also fetches IP accounting data, memory table, process table, running configuration from your Cisco Network Devices like routers and switches. Using this software network administrator can see the number of bytes and packets switched through the Cisco IOS software on a source and destination IP address basis. In addition to these features Router Console displays various graphs like interface graphs, cpu utilization graph, bandwidth graphs, memory graphs etc Features: 1) Displays routing table, interface table, ARP table, interface details, system details. 2) Displays various interface graphs like interface traffic graph, percentage bandwidth utilization, I/O error, packet discard graph etc. 3) Provides information about all interfaces with their active (green) and inactive (red) status. 4) With Router Console you can monitor and manage unlimited number of switches and routers at a same time. 5) Supports SNMP version 1 and version 2c. 6) RouterConsole provide facility of sorting of tables in many ways. 7) RouterConsole provide facility of resolving IP-Address to their corresponding DNS Name by reverse DNS lookup. 8) All tables can be exported to plain text format or CVS format which can be easily exported to database systems like Oracle/MS SQL Server/MS Access etc. 9) All graphs can be exported in BMP image format. 10) Provide auto refresh facility of IP-Accounting table. Cisco intended features Show current running configuration, and tables like ip-accounting, memory, process, interface etc.