Main features: LIGHT: 10MB only. It only takes up 10 megabytes of space on your hard drive and it does'n slow down your computer (windows loading, internet surfing etc.) EASY: Install it and forget about it! Easy to install and to use it. You can install it in 5 clicks, and you don't have to restart your computer! Soon after the installation it's immediately active and protecting your system. Now you can forget about it: the whole process is totally automated! The active shields supervise all your computer activities, so that Vaccine46 can warn you of any infection detected. As soon as an internet connection is available Vaccine46 is immediately updated. POWERFUL: 140,000 infections detected! It protects your computer against more than 140,000 threats. Four deterministic engines ensure maximum reliability (less than 0,001% false positives) 3 removal levels enable it to remove any infection. It can detect and remove all the infections affecting the A.D.S. ( Alternate Data Stream). It scans and supervises the whole system in real time: file system, registry, network, ram. An engine is specifically devised for COM objects, which are responsible for 96% of the spyware currently circulating. SUPER-UPDATED: more than 100 new threats added every day! Every day our research laboratories all over the world check thousands of potentially infected files, discovering more than 100 new infections. A vaccine is immediately synthesized and it is added to the "pill".This one is then inserted in the Vaccine46 update system by our researchers.Our automatic update system ensures that all the users of Vaccine46 will be automatically updated and protected within an hour! In the last six months we have added more than 40,000 new threats to the antiviral database of Vaccine46.This process is essential to achieve the utmost protection.