Tool to manage pictures offline and online. the software has the following features: -Minibrowser to handle pictures for an online purpose (but you can add everything that load in your browser). -Make several lists of files, you can add list as long as your computer can handle them. -Since the core of the software is the file listing, you can add pictures using several ways: Drag and drop With a dialogue box From url(s) Url from clipboard From a webpage with a pattern (you can extract several pictures/files urls) Picture from clipboard (from a screenshot) From a part of a file that is already in the list (online or off-line) - Upload to a picture host (as long as there is no login needed) - Tool to add http host easily (for advanced users with knowledge of html) - Upload to your ftp host (and the software is able to create a single directory sublevel if you request to upload to a non existing directory) - Check links online and off-line. - Act as mini download manager (but there is no resume in this version) handles password protected pages. - Removes file remotely if you are using you own ftp host. - Resize pictures from 3 criterias: to a given ratio to a given width to a given height ,and add them to the list. - Convert bmp, png and gif to jpg. - Convert png, jpg and gif to bmp. - Option to set wallpapers, (now you can keep in mind your previous wallpaper). - Tool to convert avi to gif. - Pay option to upload pictures to your gsm. - Slideshow with a full screen browser (now you can make slideshows of webpages). - Edit file description, or if you want rename the file. - Easy copy and paste for html and bbcode (several options, if you select one or more files). - Internet explorer context menu can be customized with 3 options of the software. - Customize the software with a wide selections of options.