Do you know that it is possible to add metainformation like "company", "author" to files you are working with? Do you really want recipient gets information about files' creator and who works with them? Do you have a lot of files to change summary information? And you are not disposed to change it file by file sequentially, are you? MetaChanger helps you to quick manage this information - to create and update files' metainformation. It allows to remove not only summary information, but also all NTFS additional data streams. An essential free utility provides mass update summary information from all types source documents. It is easy to choose file or list of files and define necessary metainformation. MetaChanger provides a possibility to create and save different metainformation in different profiles. All you have to do is to choose the profile, metainformation's updating takes the place automatically. MetaChanger features: * Files' summary information managment * Office documnets' summary information managment * Clearing all NTFS additional data streams * Cleaning up all metainformation * Unicode support * Drag'n'Drop interface * User's profiles * Skins