The ProcessWorx CMDB provides a foundation for IT organizations to improve their core operational processes. By establishing a standard, centralized information repository through a Configuration Management Database (CMDB), IT organizations can establish higher levels of service delivery, support and increase customer satisfaction. Based on the ITIL framework and ITSM best practices, this tactical, cost-effective solution helps IT organizations record, maintain and report on infrastructure configuration items (CIs) including applications/software, devices/peripherals, servers, databases and related IT documentation. - Record and maintain CI attributes & IT service dependencies - Establish & track CI ownership and accountability - Track CIs by type, owner, dept., environment, status and vendor - Establish relationships within and between IT services and CIs - Maintain data integrity through audit tracking & change logs - Determine CI status, generate compliance reports - Link CIs to specific documentation including policies, processes, procedures and supporting reference materials - Sarbanes-Oxley and IT continuity (ITSCM) tracking functionality - Custom reports, record duplication and data export functions - Dynamically update IT Service and CI relationships - Track inactive, non-standard and/or non-complaint CIs - Copy and export CI data and related reports - Generate business-specific IT Service Catalog with pricing - Import, export and dynamically update CI information ...and many more features! The ProcessWorx CMDB includes demo data to better understand how the CMDB is used in a real-world setting. The ProcessWorx CMDB also includes supporting documentation examples to help establish the foundation for the Configuration Management process: - Configuration Management Policy Template / Example - Configuration Management Process Overview / Example - Multiple Configuration Management Procedure Examples