PalmaryDates is an original holiday manager. It gives you the information about 400+ unique national and religious holidays for 70+ countries. You can easily export the holidays of your own choice to the Palm Date Book or to the MemoPad. You can edit a holiday and in the case a holiday is absent in the list, you can easily add it. Using PalmaryDates program you can arrange your trip to any country of the world. This application not only reminds you of the holidays but also allows you to compare the differences between the holidays in different countries. Features - Quick event addition and removal into Date Book - Quick information export to MemoPad - National and Religious Holidays from 2003 to 2015 - Agendus and DateBK icon support - Calendar?s category support - Simple and user-friendly interface - Easy holiday editing and adding Technologies - Full database synchronization with Date Book, Calendar, Agendus and DateBK. Update description - Obvious separation of the past and future holidays - Improved holiday addition - Armenian holidays are added - Orthodox Easter bug fixes - Minor bug fixes