The innovative On Screen Keyboard has opened a new way of input to the PC world. The Palm Pad provides the users to input text and control their Text Editor or a Web Browser with ease of one hand access even without a single click of the mouse. Users can move the mouse pointer over the keys and they can type the key to the active window. All the necessary keys in a standard keyboard are available at the shortest reach of your mouse. Type more faster than any on screen keyboard previously released. An Essential Tool for your PC : No more Typing ! No more Clicks ! No more Pain in your hands ! Reduce your Stress and increase your Concentration. Type while you eat. Type a web address or navigate a page. Edit your documents single handedly. You can do all these with a bun in your hand. Special Features : Easy access to the keys. Stylish design with glassy transparent buttons. Beeps different sounds when a key is activated. No need of speakers to hear the beep. Sound can be switched on/off as you wish. Dragable pad which stays on top of your applications. Covers only a small area of your screen. Supports almost all text editors and browsers such as Note Pad, MS Word, Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, etc.