Personal Audio Link (PAL) is Windows-based PC software that enables you to call your PC remotely from any cell phone or telephone, and hear the information you need. You just dial a private 10-digit phone number assigned to PAL (your own PC). Then, PAL can read and/or play to you a wide range of information from Outlook, the Internet, and other sources: PAL OUTLOOK *Recites your inbound e-mail (filtered and sorted by Hot Contact) *Records your voice, and instantly sends audio e-mails and e-mail replies *Dials any Outlook Contact (using Voice-over-Internet), and connects you through *Gets calendar and contact information (phone numbers, addresses, etc.) *Records personal audio notes (voice recordings), with text transcriptions *Calls you automatically (if desired) for wake-ups, reminders, and urgent e-mails PAL WEB *Plays podcasts (e.g., NPR Technology or Wall Street Journal Market Watch) *Provides instant traffic reports for your local highways (covers 41 US cities) *Retrieves stock quotes, mutual fund quotes, and worldwide weather forecasts *Reads blogs, rss fees (e.g., Wired News), and web pages (e.g., Washington Post) PAL DATA *Recites information from documents and spreadsheets (Word, Excel, text files, etc.) *Accesses desk tools: calculator, dictionary, world clock, and currency converter With Adondo® Personal Audio Link® software, you can call your PC remotely from any cell phone or telephone and access all kinds of information. It’s fast, easy, and hands-free, which makes it great in the car. You also can use PAL locally with a PC microphone and speakers. PAL uses the Internet rather than a second phone line, and there’s no expensive handheld device that might get misplaced. Importantly PAL is secure: it has no central server, it uses only audio transmission, and valuable data never leaves your PC.